Double Eyelid Surgery Singapore

The Best Method to Create Natural Looking Eye Crease

In recent years, double eyelid surgery has been quite popular for both women and men in many different parts of Southeast Asia especially Singapore, Korea, and China. This procedure is specifically performed on people of Asian descent.

Asian eyelid surgery is kind of different. In this surgical procedure, the existing asymmetrical or inadequate create is enhanced and corrected. In fact, plastic surgeons focus more on creating a new crease.

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Non incisional, or, Mini Incision, or Full incision Method..?

Different methods of double eyelid surgery

What Causes the Double Eyelid?

It is caused by the crease because of fibrous connections between the levator muscle pulling the eyelid upwards and the underside of the eyelid skin. Thus, when you open the eye, an upward pull of the levator muscle pulls the skin inwards. The skin is pulled along the line of your eye’s crease. This deepens the crease and creates the fold.

Why Do Some People Don’t Have Double Eyelids?

For some people, especially in asian eyes there may be a lack of fibrous tissue connections between the levator muscle and the underside of the skin. This may cause the absence of the fold and crease. Such people don’t have double eyelids.

Why is it Desirable to have Double Eyelids?

When eyelid creases are absent, they can make your eyes look smaller, and less alert and bright. Your eyelashes will also be less visible because they’ll be angled inwards and downwards. Moreover, puffiness and skin laxity will also be more noticeable when you start aging. In simple terms, eyelids without a crease make you look older and tired.

On the other hand, double eyelids make your eyes look brighter, bigger and youthful. Your eyelashes will be visible angling outwards and upwards. This will lead to more attractive eyes. Thus, it’s a general truth that with double eyelid creases, you will be able to enhance your natural appearance.

The Procedure – How it Works?

When it comes to double eyelid surgery, the procedure may involve full or partial incision. Some patients don’t even require any incisions. An experienced and qualified surgeon will choose the appropriate method according to your case.

While choosing the right method, your anatomy and aspirations will also play an important role. The final height and shape of the crease will depend on the amount of tissue that is removed. It also depends on the rearrangement of internal tissue.

during the procedure
during the procedure: full incision

Watch this video: My experience after the surgery (still recovering)

Can Double Eyelids be Created Non-Surgically?

Yes, it is possible. But such results are temporary and troublesome. They can be created using glue or tape. However, patients have to frequently apply these aids on a daily basis. Moreover, long term use of these aids is related to skin irritation that may cause itching, swelling and redness. This explains why most glue and tape users eventually turn to the surgical procedure.

Are Results Permanent?

Most people don’t realize, but the results of asian double eyelid surgery are long lasting. In some cases, they can even be permanent. It is important to understand that the eye crease created by this surgery is permanent.

However, this procedure can’t prevent the looseness of your skin or fine wrinkles on the eyelid in the future. Before undergoing the procedure, it is important to conduct an extensive research and look for an experienced plastic surgeon.

Post Surgical Considerations

  • The recovery time for a single procedure is around 10 days. However, depending on the case, it may be sooner.
  • This procedure can create a dynamic eyelid crease. Due to this, the crease appears only when your eye opens. If you close the eye, the crease disappears.
  • Most plastic surgeons use flexible incisional surgery techniques. A qualified and skilled surgeon can create parallel creases, tapered creases, higher creases and lower creases according to your facial structure and desires.
  • Before going ahead with eyelid surgery, you need to understand that incisional techniques require more recovery time than non-incisional techniques. It is important to consult only an expert and well trained surgeon. It will make sure everything goes smoothly, and you don’t experience any complications.

A lot of people undergo the surgery to look more beautiful, especially Asians who want to look similar to Americans or Europeans. This is the primary reason that double eyelid surgery is preferred for Asian descent.

Once you undergo the surgery, you won’t have to worry about your asian eyes. You will look quite similar to people from American and European countries. Thus, it can be the perfect choice if you want to study or reside in these countries. In simple terms, this cosmetic procedure can add something to your natural appearance and beauty. Since the procedure is affordable, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

How to Find a Qualified Surgeon?

In Asia, double eyelid surgery is performed by an experienced, qualified and certified plastic surgeon. It can also be performed by an oral surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon, ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists. Looking for the best plastic surgeon is not easy. However, you can find a lot of information on the Internet, and make an informed choice.

How much does it Cost in Singapore?

The price of double eyelid surgery in Singapore can range from SGD 1000 to SGD 4000. You just have to find a certified plastic surgeon and schedule an initial consultation to discuss about your expectation, and how his/her method can enhance your natural eye appearance.

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